Essay on Friendship - Friendship Essay for students

Essay on Friendship - Friendship Essay for students

Essay on Friendship: Friendship is one of the greatest blessings of God given to man. It is more precious than any material wealth. A true friend is a pride and glory to us.

When we talk of friendship, we are bound to recall the Greek story of Damon and Pythias. Pythias had been sentenced to death by king Dionysus. He begged for a month's time in order to settle his family problems. He promised that he would come back after one month and would then court death punishment as ordered by the king. His friend Damon pledged to stand surety for him and remain in prison in place of Pythias did not return on the appointed day. But Pythias failed to come on the scheduled date. So Damon was taken out to be executed. Suddenly people heard a cry- I' have come back. Release Damon and put me to death. Dionysus was so touched by their true friendship that he pardoned them. He asked them to take him as their friend. [Read more essays]

The story speaks of true friendship. A true friend is indeed one who stands by us at the time of both prosperity and adversity. He helps us at all times without self-interest and is always prepared to sacrifice his interests, even his life, for us. Many false friends will flock around us in our prosperity and pretend to be our good friends. But in the days of our adversity, they will all desert us without even expressing a word of sympathy for us. The world abounds in such false friends who appear before us with deceptive colors only to satisfy their selfish ends. A true friend, on the other hand, will cling to us till the last.

The bond of friendship exists between two persons on mutual admiration and sympathy. There exist different kinds of relationships among persons on earth. In a family, the father, the mother, the son, and other members are bound to each other by blood. Likeminded people establish friendship and are committed to working for the same mission in life. We find friendship existing between teachers, students, people of one political party, doctors, engineers, people embracing the same religious faith, and farmers. True friendship is divine. It calls for an attitude of selfless interest and sacrifice.

It is possible to make friends with people in distant lands whom we may not see at all. Friendship through letters is becoming very popular. It can encourage a good relationship between persons in different lands. Such friends are called pen friends. In villages in Odisha, two persons can strengthen friendship by exchanging a flower. They call each other by the name of that flower.

There are a lot of fair-weather friends. Simpleminded credulous people often fall easy victims, to their pretended friendship and suffer a lot in life.

So utmost care is necessary while selecting friends. It has been said that a man is known by the company he keeps. If he is constantly seen with men who are considered frivolous and idle, others will look upon him as frivolous and idle. Similarly, if he is continually in the society of evil companions, he is to easily succumb to their evil influences.

It is, therefore, desirable that we should be while selecting friends. We should aim at making friends with the best possible men. We should not take them on trust relying on appearances only but consider the way they talk, and the way they act before admitting them into a close friendship.

In present times true friendship is rarely found. People are awfully selfish and self-centered. They are always busy satisfying their selfish ends and they take no care to see to the interests of others. They do not know how noble and glorifying true friendship is and how it stands the test of time through sacrifice and dedication. We should be cautious about such false In friends and exercise great care to select friends who will be an asset to us and to the society we live in.

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