Essay on Holiday: Holiday Essay for Class 11, 12 Students

Essay on Holiday: Holiday Essay for Class 11, 12 Students

Essay on Holiday: The term Holidays' evokes a sense of pleasure and respite. They are the days that one spends away from one's routine work. They do not always mean the act of not doing any important work but are meant to be only for relaxation. Holidays may be combined with even physical exertion. The important fact to be remembered about holidays is that they should include work that is not normally done by a person. The ways in which such holidays are spent depend upon the temperament and even moods of different persons. Read - Essay on Friendship

A person who spends the whole day in intellectual pursuits like a teacher, or a lawyer, or an executive toiling over daily financial problems may feel quite relaxed and even happy when he spends a few hours in his small garden. He feels the joy of creation when what he has tended grows into a plant and yields flowers or fruits. This work, though physically tiresome takes his mind away from his daily worries or avocation.

 Holidays can also be properly enjoyed in the company of friends or relatives. Here again, the psychology of the people plays an important part. This enjoyment may be in an outdoor excursion to well-known spots or sitting by the fireside, exchanging their views on matters that interest them.

Busy executives or businessmen or others who toil to make their economic life happy may find that the best holiday for them would be playing in the company of their children. This brings them law peace.

Holidays can be enjoyed in different ways. The only thing that matters is that it should relax the mind so that the 'holidayers' can be fresh to tackle their usual problems.

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